At Saviour CofE Primary School, we teach phonics using a linguistic phonics programme called Sounds-Write
This programme is successful in teaching children to read and spell because it starts with what all children know from a very young age – speech sounds. Then, using a very systematic approach, it teaches them how these sounds are coded within our writing system.

The four key concepts children need to learn are:

  1. letters are symbols that represent sounds
  2. sounds can be spelled using 1, 2, 3 or 4 letters
  3. the same sound can be spelled in different ways
  4. the same spelling can represent different sounds

The three keys skills children need to master are:

  1. blending
  2. segmenting
  3. phoneme manipulation

Based on educational and cognitive research, the Sounds-Write programme uses a multisensory approach and an apprenticeship model. The children in Reception and KS1 have a 30-minute phonics lesson every day, in addition to their reading and writing lessons.

Assessments in phonics happen daily during lessons and at the end of each small unit (at least half-termly) to ensure the children don't fall behind and keep up. Children that have additional barriers have targeted interventions based on assessments to catch up quickly.


If you would like to learn more about our approach to phonics, please register for the online course, free for everyone!  Click here to see the course and register online!

Support your children at home by downloading the Sounds-Write iPad App. Click on the picture below.


Download free e-books for additional reading material to support your children's journey into reading.


Validated by DfE in England

Sounds-Write is validated by the Department for Education (DfE) in England as an effective systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP).