Art and Design

A glimpse of the children doing observational drawing. 

Subject Intent

At Saviour, the objectives are taken direct from the National Curriculum and aim to provide the children with a broader knowledge of artists, architects and designers. Throughout their time at Saviour the children will be taught skills and techniques from the following areas of Art: drawing, painting, sculpture, textile, printing and architecture.

We also have a specialist artist, Gill Parish, who works with years 1 to 6 once every half term. This is an excellent opportunity for children to further develop and embed their techniques with creativity and experimentation.


During Art and design, children are encouraged to use a wide variety of tools and materials to create their master piece. Within each year group, children will build on their prior knowledge and skills set. Additionally, the children also have the opportunity to look at the work of various artists and compare the differences and similarities, whilst making links to their own work.

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