Mathematics is a creative and highly interconnected discipline, essential to everyday life as well as science, technology, engineering, financial literacy and most forms of employment. Our Mathematics curriculum is therefore designed to provide a foundation for understanding the world, with the ability to reason and appreciate the beauty and power of the subject.

Children will study Mathematics on a daily basis, covering numbers, calculation, geometry, measures and statistics. Children will learn vocabulary as well as mathematical methods, using Maths Mastery to deepen understanding. Maths is also taught across the curriculum to encourage the practical application of mathematical skills. Learning will be supported with a range of textbooks and online resources.


From the 2019/20 academic year onwards, schools in England are required to administer online Multiplication Tables Checks to Year 4 pupils. The MTC determines whether children can recall times tables fluently, which is essential to future success in Mathematics. This helps schools identify children who have not yet mastered their times tables, so that additional support can be provided. We use “Times Table Rockstars” to help children practice their times tables in class.


Formative assessment takes place each lesson. Children will receive feedback and next step tasks to ensure they are meeting the specific learning objective. Each term, children from Year 1 and above will also complete summative assessments to help them develop their testing approach and demonstrate their understanding of the topics. Results from both formative and summative assessments will be used to determine the children’s progress.

Teachers will use this data to influence their planning. Whilst most children will move through programmes of study at broadly the same place, pupils who grasp concepts rapidly should be challenged with more sophisticated problems. Similarly, those who are not sufficiently fluent will consolidate their understanding through further practice before moving onto new content.


For more detail, please explore our Mathematics lesson plans and knowledge organisers below.

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