Design and Technology

 Subject Intent

At Saviour, the objectives are taken direct from the National Curriculum and aim to develop creative, technical and practical expertise that the children will need to perform everyday tasks and participate successfully in an increasingly technological world.

At Saviour, design and technology is split into the following groups; structures, mechanisms, electrical systems, computing, textiles and food. In each of these areas, the children will have many different experiences such as growing and cooking their own food and creating their own moving pictures.



During their time at Saviour, the children will use a wide variety of tools and will be able to design, make and evaluate their finished product. Within each year group, children will build on their prior knowledge and skills set.

Home challenge!

As you will have seen, we are having a brand new entrance being built at our lovely school. The problem is, we just can’t think of a school sign that will make our entrance look friendly and inviting. Can you help us design one? It can be any shape and can include a picture of what you think represents our school. The sign should include our school name ‘Saviour C.E Primary School’ and should be our school colours blue and yellow. There are some examples below to help inspire you.

Just hand your designs in to your class teacher (with your name on) once school has re-opened. Good luck!

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