‘Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity’

The National Curriculum

Our Music curriculum intends to inspire creativity and self-expression, encouraging children to work together to create, compose, rehearse and perform. We aspire to instil a lifelong love of music in our children by exposing them to a range of musical genres and experiences. Children will be given various performance opportunities through singing, playing and composing, allowing them to grow as confident and reflective musicians.

We use the “Charanga” learning scheme for Music, which outlines expectations and clear learning outcomes for Music. BBC 10 Pieces and Oak is also used to enrich children’s learning. In the classroom, children will learn all about musical elements and vocabulary and develop their ability to sing, play, compose, perform and evaluate. Curriculum lessons are taught by our Music specialist, Mr Derbyshire, who also delivers piano and drum tuition on rotation throughout the year.

Whole class instrumental teaching takes place in Year 5, where children are taught how to play the ukulele by a specialist Music teacher. Instrumental teaching builds on previous learning and develops children’s understanding of musical notation, playing as an ensemble, and performing.

For more information, take a look at our Music plans below.

Music Long Term Plan

Music Skills Progression


The Halle Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall

KS2 classes really enjoyed their trip to see The Hallé Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall.


World Music Day


Websites for Music

BBC Ten Pieces opens up the world of classical music to 7-14 year olds. Explore our exciting films, lesson plans, instrumental arrangements & live events!

Music has an extraordinary power to bring us together, it can lift us when we feel low, energise us when we feel tired, and is something we all have in common.  So, to help with the rhythms and routines of your new daily life, we are releasing seven songs, one for each day, all with challenges and activities related to each song. Every week for the next few weeks we will continue to add songs and resources.

One Education provide a wide range of high quality music lessons. Every child can be successful in and through music.


With schools across the world closing in response to coronavirus, we understand the increased need for children and young people to be able to learn from home.  Help yourself to our collection of free resources to keep them learning and singing outside of school. We will continue to add new resources so make sure you check back for more.