The children's topic books are used to evidence the children's knowledge and understanding of key concepts, their ability to apply vocabulary, skills and a range of recording methods.
History is taught once a term for a period of 6 - 8 weeks, which corresponds to 6 - 8 hours. In History, we build upon pupils' historical knowledge from Nursery to Year 6. In EYFS, children look at pictures from the past. As they progress through the key stages, they explore a wider range of historical sources to compare and contrast different periods of time.


The curriculum is sequenced in order for children to build upon prior learning. Knowledge organisers are created to outline the current topic, which are used to support and assess children’s learning alongside quizzes and discussions. Each class will benefit from a selection of high quality reading books linked to their topics, alongside working walls and other resources. The pupils’ topic books are used to evidence their knowledge and understanding of key historical concepts. Children have many different experiences in History, including studies of the surrounding area, visits to local museums, and learning from visitors who come into the school to share their historical expertise.


For more detail, please see our History plans below.

History Long Term Plan

Here are some links to the free museums in Manchester: