School Values

At Saviour, we are guided by the Christian values of love, hope, thankfulness, trust, faith and forgiveness. These values shape the strong bonds within our community and our approach to the learning journey. Within our warm, welcoming and nurturing environment, we recognise the unique potential within every individual and encourage our pupils to always strive for their best.


Collective worship is central to school life, bringing our entire community together. Every day, pupils enjoy sharing prayers and taking part in worship songs, a chance to reflect on the Christian stories, traditions and values. Throughout the year, we joyfully come together to celebrate the major festivals of our faith, fostering a strong connection between the school and the local parish.


As part of our commitment to the Christian ethos, we create a safe space for our pupils to ask “big questions” and engage in thoughtful discussions. Whether it’s answering questions about the Bible stories, or learning about other faiths, our pupils understand that not every question has a simple answer. This promotes a culture of curiosity, openness, and showing respect towards others with different beliefs.


We take pride in the respectful and friendly relationships that thrive within our school. Guided by our Golden Goals of being ready, respectful and safe, pupils actively engage in acts of service and compassion, both towards each other and the wider community. Whether it’s lending a helping hand to another child on the playground, or organising a food donation to support those in need, children are inspired to love their neighbours.

The motto of Saviour CE Primary School is “Flourishing from Firm Foundations.” Our Christian values lay the foundation for excellence in education, binding us together and inspiring a deep sense of belonging. It is this shared purpose that propels our pupils forward, fostering a love of learning and cultivating an environment in which everyone can flourish.

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