Parent & School Partnership


In partnership with Parents/Carers, the school aims to provide a place of high expectations of learning and behaviour where each child is valued and can achieve their full potential where they are nurtured and guided to face challenges with confidence.

Class teachers greet and dismiss the children each day at the classroom door and are available for parents to speak to. Please be aware that these times can be busy therefore the class teacher may suggest a further appointment.

Regular Parent/Carer communication meetings are set across the year to report on your child’s progress.

There will be opportunities to attend school for workshops and events in relation to your child’s class and their learning.

Many school activities are reported daily on the school Twitter page. Please follow @SaviourPrimary to see what has been happening in school that day or week.

Accidents happen in school and we are able to provide first aid, however if your child is taken ill or requires further attention it is important that the school can get in touch. Therefore, please ensure that the school office has up-to-date contact details, including emergency contacts if we cannot get through to you.