Subject Intent

  • Reading objectives are taken from the National Curriculum for English.
  • Our primary aim is to develop a passion for Reading amongst the children in the school.


Subject Implementation

  • Children are given individual reading books to take home that are at a level they can decode, understand and engage with.
  • Children take part in a 30-minute daily Guided Reading session, focusing on developing their Oracy and Comprehension skills.
  • Teachers use question stem cards to produce open-ended, targeted and challenging questions to give our children a greater understanding of the texts they read.
  • Teachers read a class novel/text to their class every day, developing a culture of Reading for Pleasure amongst the class, as well as introducing and highlighting vocabulary that would challenge their respective children.
  • Children are heard reading individually at least once a week if they have not developed fluency (above Lime book band). 

Subject Impact

  • Children's learning is built upon each year. They engage in more challenging texts both as a class and individually.
  • Children's comprehension is assessed on a daily basis by teachers in their Guided Reading sessions.
  • The school ensures that the majority of children read with an adult once a week. This gives staff an ideal opportunity to assess children's fluency and understanding of the texts they are presented with.
  • To support this formative assessment, children also take a termly PIRA test, giving teachers a Reading Age to help develop their assessments.