Subject intent

  • Religious Education at Saviour plays a major part in promoting the Christian aims, values and ethos of the school. It is expressed through the attitudes, relationships, values, visual symbols and Christian observances of the school.
  • The school follows the Religious Education Syllabus devised by Blackburn Diocese.
  • The Religious Education curriculum is based on the objectives within the Diocesan syllabus and the teaching activities and resources recommended.
  • In R.E. there is a clear, sequenced curriculum that allows pupils to revisit key concepts and build upon prior learning.These areas are revisited at each key stage to enable pupils to retrieve and deepen their knowledge and understanding about the key concepts and practices set down in the Blackburn Diocesan syllabus.
  • The curriculum time allocated to Religious Education is approximately 10% (equivalent to 1 hour per week but may be blocked into different time units as appropriate for children and the timetable). It is taught from nursery to year 6.
  • The balance of time allocated to Christianity is 80%, with at least 20% to two other faiths.
  • As recommended by the Diocese, Judaism and Islam are the non-Christian faiths studied, with reference to Hinduism and Sikhism.
  • The R.E. curriculum provides opportunities to explore how beliefs have shaped the way in which humans understand themselves, each other and the world around them.
  • In R.E., floorbooks are used as a tool used to record children’s thoughts and ideas enabling the inclusion of all.  Everyone has a voice and all make their mark.
  • A variety of approaches will be used to ensure understanding, progression and enjoyment for all, including direct teaching, real experiences through visits and handling artefacts, dance, drama, singing, discussion and art opportunities.
  • The use of Saviour church, clergy and congregation are used where possible to aid teaching and learning in RE.
  • The professional theatre group, BTales, play a significant role in Saviour children’s understanding of biblical stories and their key messages in a high energy and contemporary way.
  • The Religious Education syllabus is reinforced through Collective Worship, daily acts of prayer and worship within the school and reflection upon the yearly cycle of Christian festivals and seasons.
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