Thank you to everyone who brought their children to school at the designated times. After reviewing this as well as the start and finish times the following changes have been made:


  • All entrances (including Collyhurst Road) will be open each day. 
  • Parents can choose the most suitable entrance for themselves and their children.
  • Year 2 and Nursery entrance will remain the same
  • Start times for ALL children will be between 8:45 - 9:10
  • Finish time for Reception, year 1 and  year 2 will be 3:00
  • Finish time for KS2 will be 3:10-3:15 (if parents arrive for 3:10 and wish to collect their children they may or choose 3:15 instead.
  • Please can all adults ensure that they socially distance and leave the premises as soon as possible. 


Thank you for everyone's patience and as everything we have had to do during this time - we plan, review and adapt. Thank you again for all your support and it was so lovely to welcome all the children back to school. 




September Opening

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all your support over these past few months and well done to everyone for being strong and coming through this. It has been a challenging time for all of us and something we have never experienced as individuals or as a community.

It was been wonderful to see so many of our children return to school even for just one day to say hello before we finished for the summer break.

We are excited to return to school fully in September and school starts on September 3rd to all pupils and Nursery will start on September 8th.

School will be different as we have had to make changes and follow the government guidance on opening. These will include staggered start and finish times as well as dinnertime's and breaks, allocated areas of use, class bubbles with hand-washing and cleaning throughout the day. We will review these measures every 2 weeks.

Ensuring the school is safe in regards to minimising the risk of infection, we have implemented certain measures that have worked well during the lock-down situation when we have been open to specific children and year groups.

These are as follows:

Minimising risk and control measures:

  • Hand-washing facilities in all classrooms as well as outdoor wash stations. Children will be washing their hands throughout the day and especially when arriving at school and before and after dinnertime.
  • All classrooms have tissues, paper towels and bins with lids to ensure ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ is adhered to. Antibacterial wipes are located in all areas and surfaces regularly cleaned.
  • Equipment will be cleaned between groups or left for 72 hours
  • Each child has their own pencil case and tray on desk with individual resources and books so no sharing.
  • Hand sanitisers have been fixed to walls around school at points where children and staff move from one area to another.
  • Additional cleaning throughout the day of shared areas, tables, door handles, light switches and toilets
  • Deep cleaning at the end of the day of areas most used.
  • Classrooms will be organised so that children are front facing and not facing each other. Furniture has been removed to allow for more space.
  • All classrooms and areas across the school will be well ventilated so windows and doors will be open where possible – as a result of this please ensure that your child has a school jumper.
  • Timetables will include regular outside activity as this is where the risk is the least – please ensure your child has a waterproof, outdoor coat and substantial footwear.
  • Children will remain in their classrooms and will not mix with other year groups.
  • One way system in school and distancing spots in certain areas with notices and posters as reminders.
  • At time classes will be separated into groups of 15 with additional adults. Any adults working across groups will ensure hand-washing before and after.
  • EYFS will work as one unit and Nursery children will have an integrated start to school – Mrs Briggs will discuss with individual parents.
  • All year groups have an allocated play area outside to ensure no mixing of groups.
  • Dinners will be eaten in classrooms –this will be a cold choice for those on school dinners. All areas cleaned
  • Staggered start and finish times – see separate information



  • If there is a need to isolate the school has purchased an online digital platform to support with remote learning. Sessions in school will support access to these so that children understand the platform and how to use it. More information will be sent out at the beginning of the next academic year regarding this including children login details. If you experience any technical difficulties please contact the school and we may be able to support.
  • Reading and books will be the focus of our curriculum when we return as stories help children make sense of the world and also open new doors of engagement and learning.
  • PSHE lessons and mental well-being will form part of the curriculum alongside our Commando Joe missions to support children’s emotional development during this time.
  • When the children have PE they are to wear their PE kits to school on that day. Tracksuit bottoms and a warm top are advised as PE will take place outside as this minimises the risk and is recommended. PE lessons will be taught in class groups.
  • Forest school will form part of our curriculum and you will be informed so that your child has the appropriate clothing for outside.
  • Music lessons will take place in groups of 15. This will be in the hall which is well ventilated. All instruments will be wiped down before and after use.
  • We will slowly introduce after school clubs as we carry out further risk assessments.


School times:

  • There will be staggered start and finish times as well as allocated entrances/exits to school.
  • Please see the attached plan for your child’s year group.
  • Staff will be outside to support our one way system into and out of the school grounds.
  • Notices will be placed near gates, on the school notice board and the website.
  • Dinnertime's will be staggered as well as breaks to ensure groups do not mix and each has their allocated area outside.
  • Where possible parents of children in KS2 will drop children at the gate in the morning to minimise the number of people on the school grounds.
  • Collection at the end of the day and waiting – please see area for your child’s year group if you wish to wait in the school grounds you may.
  • At all times adults must adhere to social distancing including when dropping/collecting children from school. This is all our responsibilities. (Government guidance places adult distancing as important, children in year groups do not have to distance from one another)



  • Despite the weather, children will be spending time outside so will need substantial shoes that keep their feet dry and a waterproof coat that is warm.
  • It is important to spend time outside to minimise the risk of infection.
  • The children will be taking part in outside PE and Forest School activities – your child’s class teacher will inform you of these days and what you will need so that your child can come to school in the appropriate clothing
  • Please limit jewellery worn in school



  • Where possible all enquires to the office to be made by phone, email or appointment to minimise the number of visitors to school.
  • Until further notice there will be no breakfast club – please contact office if you need support with provision.
  • Staff be will be available at the entrances at the beginning and end of the school day for enquires.
  • Please communicate with your child’s class teacher through the homework book or via an email to the school admin address.
  • Follow instructions if you need to visit the office with 2 people at one time or 1 family group.
  • Relevant information regarding Covid-19 will be placed on the school website under the parent tab/coronavirus. As we live with this virus it is important to be vigilant regarding related symptoms: continuous cough, temperature, loss of taste or smell so all symptoms need to be reported to the school.
  • School will advise with the process if anyone experiences symptoms and engage with the test and trace programme.
  • Parent must inform the school if any member of their household has been contacted by the track and trace system.
  • All absences reported to the school office before 9:00
  • Everyone must follow the guidance if they experience symptoms and inform the school office– see separate information.
  • Forms will be sent out in September to update any new contact details.


As part of our behaviour system and Golden Goals of Ready, Respectful and Safe, children will understand how this relates to the virus, minimising risk and understanding the processes needed to ensure this. In the first days we will develop our behaviour guidance with the children and share with parents.

Until government guidance changes there will be no celebration assembly, parent meetings or school events. This is such a shame as we have raised such an amazing amount for the school through everyone’s efforts. I am sure we will find a way to continue to support our school community.


As the school year finished we said good bye to staff who are leaving us for new pastures. We wish the very best to Miss Hafeez, Miss Osmond and Mrs Edwards. We thank them for all their hard work and care for the children at Saviour. We also welcome Miss Carter as our new year 3 teacher.


Over the summer there has been a great deal in the media about schools returning in September. At this current time, there has been no further guidance from the government and as such the school guidance is up to date. We may need to be adaptable if this changes in the future and all information will be available on the school website.

If you have any concerns or questions then please contact myself at

I look forward to welcoming you all back on September 3rd


Best wishes

Mrs Anderson