A special message from everyone at Saviour


Update: Week commencing 29th June

School opening to more pupils for Summer 2 Term

Dear Parents 

This week we continue with our year 6 'bubbles' as well as a year 1 'bubble' and more children of key workers. If you have to return to work please contact the office regarding key worker places. 

Parents of Reception children will be contacted this week to see if you would like a part time place for your child. 

Parents of year 6 and year 1 children should have received a text to see if they would like your child to return - please contact the office if you would like a place. 

We will soon be contacting Nursery parents. After which we would like to plan a day for other year groups to return to see their friends and class teacher. More information will be sent out in due course.  


All enquiries to the school office can be made at the new entrance on Ribblesdale Drive. We have installed a new phone system so messages can be left and addressed by staff. 


The measures we have put in place are working well and the children have been fantastic about distancing and washing their hands throughout the day.   

Measures in place. 

  • Social distancing - markers are placed around the school and on school paths to ensure that where possible children adhere to the 2m social distancing guidance. 
  • Groups in school will use separate areas of school including different areas of the school grounds. 
  • The school will be operating a one way system with signs to help remind children.
  • Classrooms have been set out so that each child has their own work station with all the resources needed in their own tray so that there is no sharing.
  • All surfaces around school have been cleared so that they can easily be wiped down throughout the day. This will also include door handles, light switches and areas touched frequently. 
  • Each class and areas have tissues, hand sanitiser, wipes, bins with lids (catch it, bin it, kill it) and all children have access to a sink where regular hand washing will be part of the daily timetable. 
  • Key worker children will enter school  at the Y2 gate on Eggington Street; Year 6 children will enter school by Ribblesdale Drive; When year 1 children return they will use the main entrance at Eggington Street.  There will be staff at the entrances to direct parents. The groups are be located in different areas in school as well. 
  • All children returning will be provided with a packed lunch so no other food will be allowed on site and children will not be allowed to share food. 
  • There will be no uniform policy in place as children will need to have different clean clothes every day which are suitable for physical activity as they must remain in the same clothes (so no changing for PE)
  • Where possible learning will take place outside as this lowers the risk of infection.  
  • We have designated first aiders and sufficient PPE if needed. 


The children are grouped into 'bubbles' who work with the same members of staff - these groups do not mix with others in school. If anyone within the 'bubble' tests positive for Covid-19 then the whole group, including staff, will be instructed to self-isolate for 14 days while other groups can continue to attend school.


While we take these measures within school, parents should also adhere to the social distancing guidelines when dropping off and collecting children. Given the nature of how children play and communicate with each other there may be times where they find the distancing rules difficult and as such hand washing and personal hygiene is the most important element in ensuring the risk of infection is limited.

We will reinforce our 'Golden Goals' of Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe and how this applies to the guidelines of reducing the risk of infection. 


I appreciate that parents will be concerned and as we have already had key children in school our practices and measures have worked really well. The safety of our Saviour family is so important and also the responsibility of everyone and the part they play. 

Please continue to access the class pages on the website, BBC bitesize as well as the Oak Academy online lessons. It has been lovely to see your photos on the school twitter page and staff will continue to support with learning packs. 

We will continue to adapt and change and really appreciate your patience and support for the school and myself. 


Government guidance about September will be released later this week and schools will have 2 weeks to prepare. Once we have this guidance we will inform parents. 


We hope to see you all soon as we miss our Saviour family. Stay safe and keep well 

Best wishes, 


Mrs Anderson







You can also email Mrs Anderson directly head@saviour.manchester.sch.uk



Online learning - please access:

bbc.co.uk/bitesize/primary and the new online government resource: thenational.academy for daily lessons. 

Parents who registered with the school admin by the 20th will have received their Asda vouchers by email. Please be advised that being eligible for free school meals is different to universal free school meals which is a separate scheme for all children in Reception up to year 2. 

If you still wish to apply for the vouchers please contact admin@saviour.manchester.sch.uk as the school needs to register this on the website set up for this purpose which is taking some time to access due to high demand. 

Many thanks and stay safe







Help with food

There are lots of services to support families with food during this difficult time. 

Please email v.shallaker@saviour.manchester.sch.uk and our Family Support Worker, Mrs Shallaker, will refer you to services who can help.  The Bread & Butter Thing and emergency food parcels can be accessed.  The Food Club is also available at Collyhurst Children's Centre - see leaflet at bottom of page.

To support to families facing hardship

Because schools have closed and some families are facing additional financial challenges due to the Covid 19 virus, MCC want to provide support to families, who most need it. 

MCC are providing a financial grant to parents and carers of the following groups of children and young people. 

To qualify the family must be:

  • a Manchester resident or supported by our Homelessness Service; and
  • whose family has been hardest hit by the recent issues and may be waiting for benefits to be assessed or have a gap in their income due to being laid off etc.


The contribution towards a lunchtime meal is £2 per day (£10 per week) for each school age child or young person in the household.

We will be able to pay this money within a few days by the following methods

  • A bank transfer into a nominated bank account
  • A secure text message that can be used to access cash from a range of Paypoint outlets in the city
  • A voucher that can be printed and can then be exchanged for cash from a range of Paypoint outlets in the city.


To make an application, families need to submit a request via the Council’s Welfare Provision Scheme 

MCC Apply for cash grant if you are in financial crisis