"Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves." (Philippians 2:3)

Welcome to Year 5

Hello and welcome to Year 5

Class teacher - Mr Stowe

Teaching assistant - Miss Webb


At Saviour, the homework policy is 'little and often' to support learning every day.  It is important that books are signed daily by an adult.



Reading is an important part of our learning and enables access to all areas of the curriculum. Please read with your child each day to support their development.


Physical Activity

The children have PE sessions every week as well as missions with Commando Joe so it is important to always have the right kit in school every week. 

DT Challenge!


Miss Lane has created a fantastic home learning challenge that could end with you leaving your mark on the school forever.


Read the information below to find out more! 

Useful websites for learning

I cannot speak highly enough for this website for Home Learning!

Click on the link above and then go to Year 5.

Every week, they are going to be putting on 5 new lessons - one for each day.

There is a great video that teaches you how to do the activities for that day and then there is an activity sheet with lots of great questions.

(You can then check your answers as they have put up an answer sheet on the website too!)

You know the drill with Times Tables Rockstars! You've all got your passwords already.

I will be giving prizes to the people who score most points over our period of Home Learning!

This a new challenge game just like Times Table Rockstars! You just use exactly the same password to log-in!

Once again, prizes will be given out to people I believe have been really pushing themselves at it.

We introduced Read Theory in the last week before we broke up and it's a great resource!

Your password has been stuck on the front of your homework book (e-mail the school if you haven't got one and Mr Stowe can send you your password).

There are hundreds of quizzes for children to do and they earn knowledge points (KP) for doing them.

As with TTRS and Numbots, points make prizes and people will be rewarded for participation on their return to school.

Pobble 365 is a great website for some lovely English activities.

Just click on the link and you will see today's picture.

Scroll down and you will see a whole range of activities that you can engage with: story challenges, reading questions and grammar challenges!

Send any work you have done to the school and I will definitely be having a look at it! :)


Super Sentence Stacking with Jane Considine started on Monday 23rd March at 9:45am on this YouTube channel.

She will be streaming live English sessions for children of all ages every week day. Get involved!

Once again, please send any work you have done in - I'd love to see it!

Audible was always a fantastic website for audiobooks, with an enormous range of choices to pick from.

It has now become even more fantastic than before as they have released hundreds of children's audiobooks for FREE!

Click on the link above and have a rummage for yourself - I guarantee there will be an audiobook there for you!

A classic of the Home Learning world - BBC Bitesize.

It would take me forever to explain all the resources on Bitesize - just explore for yourself and follow your interests.

They have activities and information on all subjects - Art and Design, Computing, PE, Science... The list goes on!

This is Joe Wicks (who I am sure plenty of parents have heard of!).

He is going to be releasing a daily exercise video for everybody to follow.

30 minutes - raise that heartbeat - have a good time!

Click on the link and every single day's session will be on there. Don't stop moving!

Click on the picture to find some stories linked to our Jigsaw topic.

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